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Just a quick post announcing that I have open-sourced an Objective-C class that will read line-by-line from a file. In, and of, itself this isn’t too difficult, but I’ve also added the ability to tail the file (ala tail -f) and also to handle the situation where the file gets renamed and a new file (with the same name as the original) gets written to.

An example of how to use is as follows:

BDFileTailer *tailer = [[BDFileTailer alloc] initWithURL:url];
tailer.shouldTail = YES;
NSString *line = [tailer readLine];
while (line != nil) {
    NSLog(@"Line:  %@", line);
    line = [self.tailer readLine];

Feel free to check it out from github, fork it, or feedback with issues.

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