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Binding NSMutableArray to NSArrayController

This post describes how to use KVC to bind the contents of a mutable array into an NSArrayController so that adding and removing elements from theRead More

Migrating iOS App Through Multiple Environments

One of the challenges of any development project (iOS or otherwise) is maintaining a single code-base, yet still being able to create a build that canRead More

Supporting regular expressions in sqlite

Out of the box, sqlite3 almost supports regular expressions, but not quite. It defines an REGEXP keyword, but doesn’t provide an implementation. It does, however, provideRead More

Re-using NSOpenPanel instances and subsequent deny file-read-data error

I’ve just spent hours and hours tracking down a sporadic error in my sandboxed application where the user would occasionally report not being able to openRead More

Reading line by line from a file (supporting tailing and rolling over)

17 Jun

Just a quick post announcing that I have open-sourced an Objective-C class that will read line-by-line from a file. In, and of, itself this isn’t tooRead More

Light-weight Core Data Migration in a Sandboxed App

This post describes the steps you need to do in order to perform a light-weight Core Data migration in a sandboxed Mac OS X application. AsRead More

Automatic Migration of Core Data database within Sandbox

I recently made some core data modifications to LogDiver – my excellent log parsing tool and planned to use Automatic Migration to migrate existing databases. !!!Read More

Scraping WebSites (and other data) Using Objective-C

4 Mar

Introducing ScrapeKit I recently needed to scrape some data from a website (from a Mac OS X application), and one of the things I was veryRead More

XcodeExplorer – Checking out the controls

So, assuming you have a great idea to extend some existing behaviour in Xcode4 using a plugin, how do you know what type of objects thereRead More

Xcode4 Folder Structure

To me, the default Xcode folder layout looks like a lunatic developer has just vomited a hundred files into a single folder. This post describes theRead More


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