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Debugging your Xcode plugin

27 Mar

Today I discovered how to use Xcode to debug itself, and therefore also, my plugins! In some of my other articles I talked about how toRead More

XcodeExplorer – Checking out the controls

So, assuming you have a great idea to extend some existing behaviour in Xcode4 using a plugin, how do you know what type of objects thereRead More

XcodeExplorer – Monitor Xcode4 internals

XcodeExplorer XcodeExplorer is a quick and dirty Xcode4 plugin that allows you to watch and filter the various NSNotification events that are triggered as you useRead More

Common Xcode4 Plugin Techniques

Common Xcode4 Plugin Techniques This tutorial explores the next steps for writing your own Xcode4 plugin. An earlier article describes how to create a project thatRead More

Creating an Xcode4 Plugin

Creating an Xcode4 Plugin This tutorial describes the steps to create a very simple Xcode4 plugin project. Note that there is no formal support for XcodeRead More


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