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Difference between the various Apple certificate names

Perhaps it is just me, but I can never remember the differences between the various names that Apple uses for its development/distribution certifications – particularly theRead More

The effect of DPI on images in Xcode’s asset catalogs

I was adding some images to the asset catalog in Xcode today, and noticed that it was behaving really weirdly in that some images would renderRead More

Binding NSMutableArray to NSArrayController

This post describes how to use KVC to bind the contents of a mutable array into an NSArrayController so that adding and removing elements from theRead More

Debugging your Xcode plugin

27 Mar

Today I discovered how to use Xcode to debug itself, and therefore also, my plugins! In some of my other articles I talked about how toRead More

Debugging NSView layouts

I’ve been trying to tame the AutoLayout beast recently, and wanted to be able to see where my various views where ending up. I started toRead More

Migrating iOS App Through Multiple Environments

One of the challenges of any development project (iOS or otherwise) is maintaining a single code-base, yet still being able to create a build that canRead More

Re-using NSOpenPanel instances and subsequent deny file-read-data error

I’ve just spent hours and hours tracking down a sporadic error in my sandboxed application where the user would occasionally report not being able to openRead More


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